What Inspires Me

What inspires me?
Tim Holt
Guest Blogger

(I started an experiment by asking some of my edu-blogger friends to write a guest blog for my site, in exchange for a guest entry for their site. Dean was nice enough to bite, so here is my guest blog. I hope you enjoy it.)
I often wonder what are the things that inspire the other writers out there in the blogosphere, especially the incredibly prolific ones? And since I started wondering about what inspires them I thought I would write a little piece about what inspires me.   What is it that inspires me to write blogs, create podcasts, and share what little knowledge I have with my fellow educators?

Some people think that my writing is okay, some people don’t care for it all, and a lot of people have never read anything I’ve written.
That’s okay.

I certainly don’t have the audience that a lot of the famous edu-bloggers have and that’s okay because the edu-bloggers that have a large audience are the ones that inspire me. I get ideas from them and then create mash ups in my mind. So the David Warlick’s of the world, the Ian McIntosh’s of the world, the Wes Fryer’s of the world, and the Kevin Honeycutt’s of the world all are doing something that they probably don’t even realize they’re doing, they’re inspiring me to write, they are inspiring me to podcast  and they are inspiring me to publish my ideas.
I get inspired by the blogs of people that you’ve never heard of, the teachers that blog just for their class or their schools,  the principals that do blogs just other principals in their district. These people inspire me because these people are in the trenches they’re the ones that are actually doing the work that are actually putting the pedal to the metal and testing out in real life all those theories and all those ideas that I write about. They’re the living part of the conversation of this big Web 2.0 experiment that’s going on in education.

I get inspired by my professional learning networks on Plurk and on Twitter because people on there are always posting things about a how something works in real life or asking  “Have have you seen this website?” I love clicking on those URLs. I collect them, and I go back to them, and those websites inspire me.
Some of the websites are really cool and have really good education related activities and some of the websites are just terrible and have absolutely no worth in whatsoever. So I collect the good ones. I’ve even started writing reviews of all those websites that are on Plurk and on Twitter and I’m trying to keep the reviews less than 144 characters long so that I’ll have Plurk reviews. So all of those websites are inspiring, all the people that are suggesting the websites are inspiring, and my professional learning network which grows on a daily basis inspires me.

What else inspires me?

Conferences inspire me. The big conferences, the little conferences, there’s always something to be inspired about; whether it’s the people, the presentations, the keynotes or something else at the conference, they are all very inspiring. Now personally I’m beginning to think that the large conferences are beginning to all look the same so I am kind of headed toward a smaller conferences. The most inspiring conference I went to this year was a conference which only had 1000 people at. It was on a topic that I was not used to.  I learned so much  at every session because the topic was new and exciting, the speakers were exciting and I became a human sponge. If you want be inspired, seek out of little conferences like NACOL, or Kevin Honeycutt PODSTOCK.

The media inspires me as well.

Sometimes I’ll be listening to the radio and  start yelling back at whoever’s talking because they don’t know what they’re talking about. As soon as I hear people that don’t know what they are talking about, it inspires me to write a rebuttal and post it on my blog site. There’s this guy that rights in education column in the El Paso Times who is consistantly so wrong on so many levels so I always write a rebuttal and it never gets published and since it never gets published I post on my website instead. (Now I know that I certainly don’t have the circulation of the El Paso Times but it certainly makes me feel good and his bad writing certainly inspires my writing.)

What else inspires me?

My family inspires me. I have a wife that’s an incredible teacher, and every once in awhile she’ll come home and she’ll wonder how to solve a particular problem that’s going on in her classroom and that will inspire me to look up an answer. Of course, I will then write about it.
My children inspire me because I can see how technology actually works when they use it. They’re my own living laboratory of Web 2.0 and mash ups and gaming and movie making. They do it all, so I can see through their eyes what works and what doesn’t work.

Teachers inspire me. When a teacher calls me asking for help and I can give it to them, that inspires me. If I don’t know the answer right away it inspires me to go find it. Sometimes their questions beyond my capacity so it inspires me to seek out and find help on my PLN because I know that if I help that teacher, that teacher can end up taking my words and my suggestion and using it with her students, so I’m actually helping the students.

What else inspires me? I don’t know. Sometimes it’s a billboard that I see, sometimes it’s an article I read in the paper, sometimes it’s something that Apple computers might be coming out with, sometimes it’s just an idea that hits me as I’m driving along. I guess the point of the story here is that anything can be an inspiration, anything can be fodder for your blog site, for your podcast, for you to share with your fellow teachers.

Inspiration comes in so many different ways, that there is no one single thing that inspires me or inspires you or inspires anybody.

I guess that’s why we have to start teaching our kids not just to look in the classroom for inspiration, not to just look at home for inspiration, not just looking a magazine for inspiration, but to look everywhere for inspiration. They have the ability now to look everywhere for inspiration. They have at their fingertips the world, the universe. Unlike any other time in history our students have the ability to be inspired like no other children ever before them.

I hope that all of you will  be inspired to inspire others because you can and because you must.  Our future depends on how well we inspire our children. Lead on.

Tim Holt’s Education Blogsite: www.snipurl.com/ic

11 thoughts on “What Inspires Me

  1. i liked reading that, it took me a while but it was good.. i think i can relate to where you come from. just not in the way you go about it. I relate in the sense of sports… i get my inspiration from other great sport players and my friends that play sports.
    great post

    check out my blog…

  2. Dean… thanks.

    I am both humbled and appreciative of being in the company of Ginger and Tim, and so thankful to you for taking the time to throw ideas around the other day about NETS-T integration.

    I am fascinated by the interactions that take place when students become the “leaders” during staff development, and bolstered by the fact that they can sometimes make inroads toward teachers embracing technology in places or spaces where I have not been able to do so.

    I continue to be inspired by my PLN, which lately resides almost entirely on Plurk. Thank you for your many contributions to my learning and thinking.

  3. OK, so my 16yo says, “You responded to the wrong post. Duh.”

    “You had your moment of fame, and then crashed in an epic failure mode.”

    Funny how succinct and accurate, but annoying these observations can be.

  4. What inspires me . There are so many things that inspire me depending on what it is depends on what inspires me . Like what inspires me to do good in school and i would say my mom. Or what inspires you to do good in sports i would say my dad . Or what inspires you to do good in life and i would say my brother so i really cant answer that question with more information because there can be so many different things that inspire me for different things.

  5. Hello,

    What inspires me? This question can take a lot of time. Anything can inspire people. I did a post on this and will leave my answer here.

    Music- It has always inspired me. When I listen things just come to mind. Sometimes bad but mostly the good memories come to mind. The music can make you think of new things and it’s like a whole other world.

    People- Certain people inspire me. Seeing what these people have done or are doing. It makes you say well I can do that too. Other people can show you things in yourself you would have never found without them.

    Light- Might sound a little weird but the light inspires me. When I’m in the light it feels good and makes you think good. Makes you happy and feel like you can pretty much anything. The beach is in the light, the good times are in the light for me. You can think about this way, you start out in the “light” and end there. Always carry the light with you.

    “Our lack of compassion stems from our inability to see deeply into the nature of things.”–Lama Surya Das

    Anything Can Inspire You

    Really enjoyed reading what you had to say.

  6. Hello,
    I very much enjoyed reading what inspires you, and I agree that you should “look everywhere for inspiration.” I did a post, myself, on what inspires me in life. The following is some of what I said.

    I would have to say a lot of my inspiration comes from people. I always get inspiration from people who make a difference. When I see someone giving back, it gives me the strength to try to be like them; to become a better person.

    Music is also a big thing that inspires me. When I hear someone expressing their emotions through music, it gives me the inspiration to express my own self the same way.

    I also get inspired from nature. When I see the beauty of the world, it inspires me to write down what I see.

    And lastly, I get inspiration from performing. When I am up on the stage performing, I get the inspiration to succeed and chase after my dreams. Even when I watch others perform, I get this feeling of hope and wisdom, that gives me the strength to do something in life.

    Thank you for writing such a great post!

  7. Hello,
    I wrote a post on what inspires me. It is short but I think that I was able to say it all in the small paragraph that I wrote. So, here it is:

    Inspiration can come from anyone and anything. For me, it comes from all around. It comes from music and sounds that I here that inspire me to dance and sing along with the melodies. Nature inspires me to write poetry, songs, and even stories. The people around me inspire me to do the things that I do and make the choices I make. They guide me and help me to choose. They inspire me to be who I want to be, go where I want to go, and live the life that I want to live.

    Thank you for reading my post and for think of such a wonderful idea for a post.

  8. Hey,

    This may seem corny or the “easy way out” but life is my inspiration. If I see something I like I’ll try it, if I see something pretty I’ll wear it. Everything we do is inspired and motivated by something we saw, do, or dream of. So without life, we wouldn’t really be inspired or motivated to do anything.

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  10. Hello,
    The thing that I inspire the most would deffinatly have to be my mom. She helps me do everything and does everything for me. I don’t think I could ask for anything more. She talks me though the hard and easy times. My mom also helps me with homework or something that I am stuck on. I can look up to her anytime.

  11. i really liked this post. <3
    what really inspires me is music it doesn’t matter hwat language or what genre, because a world without music would be a world without people to let out there feelings in a way everyone could hear it. Music can speak to people, it can help me make decisions and it deffenitely helps me get though my life. I think music is so beautirfu lbecause no matter wer you go everyone will have something in common withyou, music. Everyone knows about it, but not everyone knows what goes into making a peice of music, therefore music is my inspiration and it halps me live my life.
    please come check out my blog

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